PET Screen

Material: 30% polyester yarn+ 70% pvc coated
Color: black, grey
Mesh count: 15 x 11mesh /17× 9mesh/15 x 10mesh
Wire Diameter: 0.18mm to 0.4mm
Width: 30", 36", 48", 60" and 72"
Length: 7', 25', 50' ,100',300’,600’
Weaving: plain weave


·         Extra strong tear resistant performance.
·         Pet can not damage the screen
·         The material is strong PVC-coated polyester
·         Heavy-duty screen,stronger tan fiberglass insect screen.
·         High tensile strength and durable.
·         Ensure good air circulation of fresh air.
·         High visibility. It will not block view from interior to outside.
Pet screen can be installed on the windows and doors to replace the traditional insect screen to prevent small insects from entering home.
It can also protect pets and children from falling off. Pet screen is suitable for the following places.
·         Single leaf or double leaf windows.
·         Single or double doors.
·         The pet screen can be flat installed onto the frame. It can also be made into roller screens or pleated screens for convenient and easy operation.
 Woven bag,carton,pallet or at customer's requirement


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