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Flour milling is a process of grinding and separating, done by roller-mills, sifters and purifiers. Gezi offers a wide range of high-quality, sifting fabrics and bolting cloths for milling applications. Our flour bolting mesh line is carefully adapted to the special requirements of the flour milling industry and provides optimal sifting efficiency and maximum service life.

In the early days, natural silk bolting cloth was the standard. Nowadays, synthetic fabrics have replaced silk to be used in flour milling process.

The synthetic fibers, such as poly amide (nylon), polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene are mostly selected for the meshes. They are suitable for the filtering, screening and straining in the field of foodstuffs industry, chemical industry, automobile industry and medical engineering. We can mainly supply you the meshes made by polyester and poly amide and plain-woven for light, normal and heavy duty by selecting different diameter of the mono filament. The filament can be doubled, non-crimped, half-crimped or double crimped. The meshes can be woven in plain, twill or Dutch, and will be bleached and set after weaving.

1. PA- GG

It mainly used in coarse sieve and peeling. It' s no doubt that nylon GG can replace the metal steel mesh with better elasticity, the abrasion resistance of nylon is better than polyester, and its self-restorability is also much better than steel mesh.

Poly amide Grit gauze is used for the coarse sieves

Good abrasive quality

Long life time

High efficiency

2. PA- XXX

It's the highest strength mesh in the flour sieve mesh series. The aperture size is down due to the thick thread. It' s used in production line of soft and hard wheat flour. It has longer life for this kind of reinforced mesh.

3.PA-XXX fabric are used for harder types of wheat and Durum


Long life time

Good abrasion resistance

4. PA-XX

PA-XX is used for soft wheat, biscuit and rye flour

Rough surface

High percentage and open area

Best sieving efficiency

5. PA-MF( milling forte)

PA-MF is used on metal sifter frames, where it is replacing the PA-XX quality.

Best possible durability combined with high sieving efficiency

We also supply Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for plansifer, our stainless steel mesh can provide all available size for you, from 3mesh count- 500mesh count( 25um).

And we have accessories for flour machine, such as canvas cloth, plastic clean piece.
6. Normal width of sieve mesh: 100cm, 115cm, 120cm, 136cm, 145cm, 158cm.
7. More details items, please kindly check that in our Terms& Service page.




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