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Screen Printing Mesh

The most professional polyester screen printing mesh manufacturer in China.

Gezi silk screen printing screen mesh are made with low-elongation fabric polyester with plain weave designed to improve strength and allow for higher and faster tension stabilization in silk mesh screen. It’ s widely used in silk screen printing machines, t shirt silk screen printing, pcb, glass printing, textile printing, and ceramic printing, etc.

It has features of better durability in screen life and stretch ability, faster tension and stabilization in the frame, faster tension stabilization, higher tension levels, it can increased resistance to abrasion and harsh reclaiming chemicals, with high durability and best tensity etc.

Gezi mesh for screen printing imported weaving machine from Sulzer Ruti in Swiss and material from Japan. Our screen print mesh ( polyester filter cloth) have been approved by ISO9001:2008, and we’re proud of our strict production line and quality control. 

Our mesh polyester are ranged from 7T-165T with white and yellow color mainly as file, other special specification can be produce as require. And 16T-40mesh, 32T- 80mesh, 36T- 90mesh, 43T- 110mesh, 51T- 130mesh, 62T- 157mesh, 77T- 196mesh, 90T- 230mesh, 100T- 250mesh, 110T- 280mesh, 120T- 305mesh, 130T- 330mesh, 140T- 355mesh, 150T- 380mesh, 165T- 420mesh always sell good.

Width and length can be as customers required.

Gezi  Polyester Printing Mesh Technical sheets.pdf

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