10  Sep, 2021

What is screen printing

Different polyester screen printing mesh fabric or silk screen printing of polyester screens are made of fabric  (PET) or fabric (PA) monofilament weaving, and they are made of plain weave.  Usually 10-500 meshes, to meet the requirements of different silk screen. It is the tension that transfers the ink to the printed matter according  to the designed shape.
 The screen print mesh size is the number of holes per inch, which  refers to the number of holes per inch. The smaller the amount of deposited  ink; on the contrary, the smaller the number of meshes, the lower the density,  mesh punches, and beach ink strokes. The selection of the number of screens  should be based on the printing accuracy of the printed matter.
 Yarn)  diameter is the diameter of the finer printed monofilament made of screen. The  thick wire diameter increases the printing pressure of the textile screen printing.
 The  thickness of the silk screen sheet refers to the distance between the two sides  of the sheet. The thickness value should be measured when there is no pressure  on the mesh distance, and is related to the screen screen diameter and weaving  type, and the deposited ink.

polyester printing cloth

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