16  Sep, 2021

The characteristics of screen print mesh size

The mesh of the silk screen mesh is a parameter that shows the width of  each square hole on the fabric. It has a great influence on the printing  accuracy of printed images and characters. The unit of measurement is mm or um.  Generally, the mesh opening should be three times that of the solid ink  particles.
 40-60 mesh
 Think of screen printing through a screen door. This grid is very  rough and has large holes. It is used for extremely low-detail designs and inks  with large particles. For example, glitter ink with thicker particles.
 110 mesh
 When you need a  large area of ink or text, this medium coarse grid can do the job. Since the  grid has larger holes, please stick to thicker ink for printing.
 200 mesh
 This detailed count  shines brightly on automatic printers. It can easily put light and white ink on  dark fabrics. It can handle up to 45 lpi halftones, but it should not be used  for four-color printing or detailed halftone printing.
 Polyester (PET) screen printing mesh fabric features:
 1) High tension and  good resilience.
 2) High structural  strength.
 3) Excellent  printing durability.
 4) Excellent acid  resistance and organic solvent resistance.
 5) Reusable.
 6) Low  hygroscopicity, hardly affected by humidity.
 7) Good heat  resistance, better than nylon.
 8) Anti-ultraviolet  rays.

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