04  Sep, 2021

Silk screen printing grid description

Screen printing screens have different lines per inch (TPI) or meshes. This means that  if your printing screen grid number is 110, it means there are 110  vertical lines and 110 horizontal lines per square inch. The space between the mesh threads is the open area where the ink passes through and reaches the fabric.  From this point of view, the open area is larger at a lower grid number (or  TPI), and when the TPI is higher, the opening is finer.
 If you plan to make high-detail images for screen  printing mesh, you should use a grid with a higher TPI. In this way, thin  lines or image points will be correctly represented. In most cases, a thinner  ink is used in this process. It is not feasible to have a larger opening,  because the ink will only absorb and spread on the entire fabric, thus failing  to achieve the purpose. Mesh screen printing with thicker inks requires  meshes with larger openings, otherwise this will not work. Due to the smaller  open area, thicker ink will have difficulty passing through the mesh with  higher TPI.
 For starters, the basic and industry standard screen  printing mesh sizes are 110 and 156. The 110 TPI mesh is an excellent  choice for designing larger spot colors and block text letters. The 156 TPI  grid is suitable for images with higher details because it allows you to  emphasize the finer details of the graphics.

filter mesh

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