26  Sep, 2021

Silk screen printing grids and images

Printing screen is used in the printed circuit board  industry and is the most economical and effective method for printing PCB  solder masks, legends and single layers. For more than half a century, screen  printing mesh has been an important manufacturing process in the printed  circuit board industry.
 1. How to decide which grid number should be used? To decide which  grid number you need to use, you should consider the details of printing:
 1) What material (substrate) is being printed?
 2) What ink is being used?
 3) How much detail does the image have?
 One of the most important parts of successful screen printing is how to understand how the mesh count relates to print quality. The screen  has a variety of mesh options. Ultimately, your job is to understand which grid  is suitable for each piece of clothing, each image, and each ink.
 Although multi-mesh is the standard configuration of any screen  printing shop, they all have their own unique uses and can achieve the  highest quality output.
 2. Image details
 As the image details increase, the number of grids also increases.
 For simple content such as a monochrome logo or large text, you don’t  need a high grid count. But for complex images, you need the highest possible  grid.

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