09  Oct, 2021

Plain weave and spiral chain weave of screen printing

Plain weave:  Stretched polyester mesh screen
 We can provide  20 mesh/inch, 25 mesh, 30 mesh, 40 mesh, 50 mesh, 60 mesh to 420 mesh, and the  maximum roll width is 3750mm. Low elongation polyester mesh replaces  monofilament polyester mesh in screen printing. It has the characteristics of  fast forming, high strength, stable tension, and fast printing speed. The  screen filter is made of PA and PET materials, polyester and nylon materials.
 Nylon polyester  filters are widely used in liquid and air filtration, mainly in textile  printing and dyeing, printing plates, electronic printing, ceramics, glass  printing and other industries. Two types of processing are available:  needle-punched felt or woven mesh fabric.
 We provide  20~1200 micron polyester and nylon material filters.
 Spiral chain  weaving: mesh belt, with or without filler wire
 Spiral mesh is  made of round wire or flat wire without edges, loop chains, filled filaments or  unfilled filaments. Weft and warp yarns can be made into a variety of  combinations. Connections can be inserts, grooves, frames, rings, spiral loops,  or stainless steel clips or fasteners.


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