16  Oct, 2021

polyester screen printing mesh fabrics

The  polyester spiral pressure filter belt is filled with polyester spiral dry  cloth, which reduces air permeability, strengthens the mesh, and reduces the  loss of mesh material.
 silk screen  printing is widely  used in the decoration of tableware, tiles, pottery or fine porcelain, and it  can be printed with challenging strong colors and gorgeous decorations.
 polyester  mesh is a  printing technology that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking template.  The attached template forms the open areas of the grid and transfers the ink to  the substrate as a sharp-edged image. The roller or scraper moves on the screen  template, forcing or pumping the ink through the woven wire in the open area.
 Screen  printing is also a  method of printing and making templates, in which the design is applied to a  screen or other fine meshes, the blank areas are coated with impermeable  substances, and the ink is pressed onto the printing surface through the  meshes. It is also called silkscreen printing.


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