Flour Milling Sieve Mesh& Accessories

Material: Polyamide( PA) or polyester
Series:  GG, XX, XXX, MF
GG series: 10GG- 74GG
XXX series:  3XXX- 17XXX
MF series: 3MF- 17MF
Width: 122CM, 138CM, 145CM, 158CM, 160CM, etc.


Flour milling is a process of grinding and separating, done by roller-mills, sifters and purifiers.
Gezi offers a wide range of high-quality, sifting fabrics and bolting cloths for milling applications.
Our flour bolting mesh line is carefully adapted to the special requirements of the flour milling industry
and provides optimal sifting efficiency and maximum service life.
We also supply all kinds of flour machine accessories, such as brushes, various of cleaners, glue, balls, dust collect bags, etc.


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