17  Jan, 2019

Special Size Customized Window Mesh Insect Screen With High Density Polyethylene Material

The main function of invisible window screen is ventilation and anti-mosquito. It is not really invisible. It is just that the yarn used in the screen net is thinner than the traditional plate-type screen window wire. After installation, it gives people a kind of illusion of appearing, and has good light transmission performance, and is non-toxic and tasteless Long Service life and so on multiple advantages.
The window screens are mainly for preventing mosquito bites, but if the window screens are not kept clean, not only the mosquitoes can not get in, but also the air flow is not good, and it is easy to cause poor indoor ventilation, so To pay attention to the window screen cleaning work for some temporary dust, can always take a wet rag or sponge on both sides clean; if the longer time, the dust accumulation of the upper surface, you can pull down the window screen, cover a layer of newspaper above Spray the paper with a small spray bottle until the paper is thoroughly wet. Remove the paper later so that the dust covers the paper and it is clean.
Can you become very dirty screen and bad mood, but do not know how to clean it? Today glass fiber screen manufacturers will explain to you how to let the dirty window screen can become White Da!.
1. If it is only dust, soak in warm water for 1 hour, in the laundry detergent can be exhausted. If it is juice, spinach juice can be washed away.
2. If it is removable directly on the Large Basin, put water plus washing powder washing on the line. What can't be disassembled has to be washed with a brush.
3. Mix the flour with water and mix it thickly with window screen. After 30 minutes (at room temperature about 20 °c) , rinse thoroughly.
4. Can use 84 disinfectant solution, according to 1:150 cold water mix, requirements completely soak in the solution, 15 minutes later, rinsing clean water, dry.
5. First Wash with vinegar, and then wash with detergent very quickly clean.
How to know if you want to get started right away, so get started! !!

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