17  Jan, 2019

Fiberglass Window Screen The Replacement Method Of Glass Window Screen

The glass fiber window screen with high strength and high corrosion resistance has rubber inlay on the metal frame.Pick it out first, and then you can pull the screen out.
Install window gauze, want the wheel below metallic window frame, glue wheel, grind go to one side, press the edge of window gauze into the groove of window frame with remaining one side, press in rubber insert strip, delimit redundant window gauze with decorating knife, if stainless steel window gauze, make glass glue even, prevent line head to stroke a hand.
When changing new window screen, want to fix one side to tighten another side a bit again first ok, next again in turn fix another two ends.Be careful not to tighten it too tight, which may cause the border to deform!It affects aesthetics.


Black, white, grey, blue, green, grass grey, brown and so on

weight (g /㎡)



12x12, 14x14, 16x14, 16x16


0.61m, 0.71m, 0.76m, 0.81m, 0.9144m, 1.00m, 1.22m, 1.52m, 1.83m, 2.00m, 2.20m, 3.0m


6 roll/paper skin;8 roll/paper skin;10 roll/paper skin;10 roll/woven bag


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