06  Jun, 2022

What is Silk Screen Printing?

Screen printing mesh is a screen printing process that transfers a design onto a  substrate (i.e. textile fabric, product label, decal, etc.) through a fine  screen or mesh. You put a shirt on a pallet, you put a screen over it and you  transfer ink through the screen onto the shirt.
 Who  invented silkscreen printing?
 Printing screen first began in China 1,100 years ago. It slowly made its way  through other Asian countries, eventually ending up in Europe by the end of the  1700s. This was mainly because the main material for the screen, silk, was not  readily available until then in European countries. This also explains why  screen printing is often referred to as silk screening, silk screen or screen  printing mesh . In 1941, polyester thread was invented. Since then screens  began to be produced using polyester threads as well.

screen printing t-shirt

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