13  Fer, 2020

Three materials and advantages and disadvantages of flour mill screen

What are the three materials and advantages and disadvantages of the screen of the flour mill? The screen is necessary for the flour mill to produce the best flour in the process of flour processing, so the screen is an indispensable accessory.Let's find out what kinds of screens are included, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

1. Silk screen is made of natural silk interwoven into silk, and then knitted. It is characterized by good elasticity, not easy to relax, moisture release, less easy to generate static electricity, but not wear-resistant, easy to hair.


2. Tetrandron screen, woven from polyester monofilament, has high strength and is not easy to deform, but its wear resistance and antistatic effect are worse than nylon screen.


3. Nylon screen. The nylon screen of flour mill is woven by polyamide monofilament fibers. It has good wear resistance, long service life, high strength and comprehensive use effect.


In the above content, three kinds of materials and their advantages and disadvantages are analyzed in detail. Screen plays an important role in the processing of flour mill. Screen has many different materials. According to different requirements of finished products, different screens can be selected.

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