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Nylon net is used to frame yam

Nylon net is used to frame yam

In yam planting, framing is a very important job, and the quality of framing directly affects the yield of yam. Years of high-yield tests of yam have proved that the way and firmness of yam scaffolding are the prerequisite for high-yield and bumper harvest of yam. The way yam is erected has a great influence on its photosynthesis, generally there are two kinds of "human" frame (double frame) and fence frame (single frame), now fence frame is widely used. The collapse of the scaffolding will directly affect the production of yam, and the collapse in the early period (June to July) will result in the total production of yam. In the later period (August to September), collapse yield decreased by 20% ~ 40%: therefore, it is necessary to build a firm frame in yam cultivation.

With the continuous improvement of yam planting technology, the yam scaffolding materials in the city are also gradually updated. nylon nets have been widely used in recent years, from the scattered planting of discarded branches from one household to the later use of bamboo poles. The use of nylon net to frame not only reduces the cost, but also is more conducive to the growth of yam. The nylon net frame has the following advantages: firstly, the frame construction cost is reduced. Nylon nets are used to frame each mu of land and only need to be put into about 200 yuan, which is generally a one-time use. The second is to reduce the workload of erection and removal. The nylon net is used to build the frame, and only the steel wire is pulled to hang the nylon net, which is simple and convenient. The nylon net frame can be directly removed when yam is harvested, thus saving labor and time. Third, the effect of increasing production is obvious. The nylon net frame is beneficial to improving the ventilation and light transmission of yam in the field, increasing the light-seeing area of yam leaves, enhancing photosynthesis, and increasing the accumulation of organic substances in plants, which can increase the yield by more than 5%. Fourth, reduce the occurrence of diseases. Using nylon net to frame can reduce the spread of soil-borne diseases such as yam root-knot nematodes. For example, using branches and bamboo poles to frame for many years is easy to breed pathogens such as root-knot nematodes, which will aggravate yam diseases year by year. However, the nylon net frame is one-time use, does not cause the spread of pathogenic bacteria, and reduces the occurrence of yam diseases.

The following problems should be paid attention to when using nylon net to frame yam: first, the iron wire pulling nylon net should be strong and firm, and should be tightened. generally, 8 ~ 10 # steel wire should be used, and the length should be 50 ~ 100 meters to prevent frame collapse; Second, support points need to be added, because nylon net rack is easy to sag due to too few support points, reducing the light-receiving area of yam leaves. Generally, there should be one support point every 10 ~ 15 meters, and iron wire and support points should be tied tightly. Third, attention should be paid to the height of the scaffolding, which is generally required to be between 1.8 and 2 meters, so as to increase the light-seeing area of yam leaves and thus enhance photosynthesis.

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